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SINOTRUK export truck assemble HW19710 gearbox, which is NOT full synchronizer gearbox, only have synchnorizer, the vulnerable parts are synchnozier assy, high tape hub gear, low tape hub gear, the synchronizer rings. HW19701 is maunal gear, which was controlled by gear shift cable and gear lever cable, these cables are hot sale products.


FAW, SHACMAN, BEIBEN fit the FAST Gear, the most common model is 9JS180, RTD-11509C, 12JS160T for FAW HP380 model, 9JS180 is auxiliary synchronizer gearbox, and 12 speed are full synchronizer gearbox, the vulnerable parts also focus on 1&2 synchronizer, 3&4 synchronizer, which is exactly same as 5&6 synchronizer, the gear lever cable, knob, double H valve, Single H valve, the drive gear, reduction gear are best sell spare parts.

How to confirm transmission parts

1. By Gearbox Nameplate

The most reliable way to confirm gearbox parst is checking by nameplate, since there is Customer Series Number, as following photo the number is G8556, ony get this, we can extract accurate BOM of gearbox.

This is the most convenient way for both of us, beacuse sometimes advising chassis number is not enough and it’s impossible for you to give all parts photo or P/N. So take care of this information for new truck.

2. By Chassis Number

Unfortunately, sometimes client can’t share us with the gearbox nameplate, since the truck running long time, the nameplate missing, so we can only check by the chassis number.

But if the truck is too old,  maybe there is no data in parts checking system, we can’t get the BOM, so better take photo of all main assy nameplate once you get a new truck.

3. By Parts Number

Well, if you want to cut all trouble and avoid any risk of wrong parts, just check if there is parts number on the parts, share with us the photo or the detail parts number, that will be 100% correct.

But if you have 20 or 30+ items, it’s impossible to get all parts photo and numbers, so listen to our suggestion, make good record of engine namepalte, gearbox nameplate, axle nameplate..etc.

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