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Steering parts are most important spare for truck, because driver control direction base on these parts, sometimes it concerning the drive life safety safety.

Esepcially running on the mountain road, steep slope, sharp bend, the steering parts under high pressure for long time, if the steering parts quality is weak, we can’t image what will heppen.

So we always supply very good quality steering parts for our client to avoid any risk.

How to confirm steering system parts

1. By chassis number

Like other parts, Chassis number can help us to get the BOM, then we can extract the detail P/N of steering parts. Bur for steering box, sometime need the nameplate to check. So please make datebase of each big parts nameplate.

2. By measurement

For steering ball joint, kingpin kit, sometime need the detail measurement to check, especially for the FAW truck assembled in South Africa, chassis nunber is not available, then we need measurement for quick check.

3. By nameplate of the parts

For some special parts, like the steering box repair kit, the repair kit can’t commonly using for different producer, so need the nameplate to check which factory produce it and purchase the repair kit accordingly.

Tips for Buying Steering Truck Parts

For Ball Joint

FAW HP380 New J5P truck mode, the ball for tie rod are big one, anti-clockwise and clockwise, for draglinkage, one big clockwise and small one anti-clockwise.

For Steering Column

When you plan to buy the steering column, identify which section you need, like the whole section or just lower section

For Steering Box

There are 3 factory produce steering box to FAW truck, if you only want to the repair kit, better share with us the nameplate.

For Steering Pump

Steering pump for FAW J5 and FAW New J5P 380hp is hot sale products, and no complain from our client. quality is very good.

For Shipping

Steering ball joint, steering pump and steering box normally heavy parts, we always pack them by pallet.

For Parts Preparation

Normally we have stock for the hot sale products, like pump, ball joint, 3 days will be ready to ship.

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