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FAW, Shacman, Beiben Truck normally assemble WP10.380E32, WP12.420E32 Engine, the piston linker kit, crankshaft, cylinder block, fuel pump are very hot sale for the huge truck fleet to repair truck. We export almost 100 cylinder block and 500 sets piston liner kit per year.

The Sinotruk export to Africa almost assemble WD615.47, 371HP engine, very classis 2 valve engine, engine assy, liner kit, cylinder head assy and the fuel pump are also hot sale parts. we supply genuine and high copy good quality engine parts.

How to confirm engine parts

1. By Engine Nameplate

There is Engine order No.: on engine nameplate, according to this number we can get BOM(Bill of material) of engine. E.g, the Order number is DHL10Q0832*01, the engine model is WP10.340E32.

2. By VIN/Chassis Number

There is namepalte on each truck, on the chassis under cabin or on the right door side, according to the VIN/Chassis number on the nameplate, we can get whole truck detail parts list. 

3. By Detail Parts Number

This is the 100% correct way to confirm the parts, for the old truck, like 2009 year trucks, sometimes can’t get the BOM, then we will need the detail parts number to confirm.

Which Brand Engine Parts We Are Good At?

Weichai Engine

Sinotruk Engine

Cummins Engine

FAW Engine

SFH Engine


Engine parts is very import, need to protect them very carefully, Engine Assy, Crankshaft, Cylinder block, Liner Kit, Flywheel these heavy parts normally packed by woodenbox, and for oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, air compressor, normaly packed by the strong carton。

We normally put the heavy parts with wooodenbox at bottom, pack the carton package parts by pallet to make it strong, avoid the damage, and utilize the each space, put the small parts at the top, to ensure the parts arrives safely and securely.

Let us take care of the details so you can focus on your business.

Cylinder Block

Cylidner Block Loading

Cylinder Head

Other engine parts loading

Things you Need to Know Before Booking Engine Parts

How you confirm the parts accurately?

Before checking engine parts, we always ask client the engine namepalte or the truck chassis number, only have this basic information, we use parts checking system to get the detal parts number, only by this way, we can guarantee the parts are correct.

Should I buy engine parts all genuine quality?

Some clients have their own truck fleet, they repair the trucks by themselves, for the key parts, like cylinder block, piston linker kit, they always require genuine quality, but for the outside parts, like alternator, air compressor, they use good copy quality. 

Do you supply engine assy?

Yes, we can assemble the engine after checking the engine detail by customer’s truck engine nameplate. 

How long does it take for me to receive the goods?

Normally 3 days all vulnerable small parts will be ready , but if book engine Assy, will take 7-15 days to prepare.

Vulnerable engine parts for new truck?

For a new truck, can only prepare the oil filter, fuel filter, fuel/water separator. take care of maintence, after 1st maintence, just replace oil filter,fuel filter each 10000km. 10-15 days clear the air filter. 

How to save shipping cost?

If you want to book air filter, there is one tip can help you save space. You can put oil filter or fuel filter into air filter, normally 1 air filter can put 2 pcs fuel filter.

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