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Most of cabin parts are easy wearing parts, since these parts are very easy to be scratched, what was worse, the whole cabin will be damaged in an accident.

We supply Cabin assy and other accessories, we export 30-50 units cabin assy to Africa market annually, especially FAW 380HP model, high roof and flat roof. also the HOWO model,  HOWO E7 model. Our cabin products are popular and welcome in Africa market, because the quality is good, we use the same thickness metal sheet as original to assemble the cabin housing,  and do electrophoretic painting to avoid rust. For right hand drive cabin, most of the interior parts are genuine quality. So the end user always happy with our cabin.

How to confirm cabin parts

1. By Chassis Number

Chassis number is the most important information, in order to supply correct interior cabin parts, like instrument, hand brake valve, driver and copilot seat, wireness, especially if you want to book a cabin unit, chassis number is necessary, we derive Bill of Material of the truck according to chassis number, then we get P/N of each spare parts. Only by this way, the parts supplying is correct.

2. By appearance

Yes, sometimes things become easy, if you only need some headlight, decoration panel, front cover, side cover, bumper, side mirror, wiper decoration panel, trim cover, step cover, steps, mudguard, fender etc, exterior decoration parts, you can only share with us the truck photos, then we can confirm the parts by appearance. Like following Shacman M3000 and H3000, we can identify the headlight is new model or old model.

3. By parts photo

There are many many old Sinotruk Howo and Golden Prince at oversea market, production time cover 2009 to 2015 years, the BOM for these trucks  are omissive, we can’t check each parts according to the chassis number and the truck are running out, so sometimes buying spare parts for them are headache, but we have no other way, in order to supply correct parts, we ask client to send us the detail parts photo.

How we keep the cabin parts in good condition?

1. Wind screen and Glass

Windscreen, door glass, rear cabin glass are very easy to damage while transporing, so we make the complete standard export quality woodenbox, protect them in good condition.

2. Painting Parts

Thare are many cabin parts with painting, like the bumper, headlight cover for FAW J5P as following photo, in order to protect the painting, we pack them by carton or ploybag separately.

3. Long cabin parts

Bumper with Fiber Material, decoration panel, grille, such as these long length cabin parts, we normally pack them by woodenbox, or if there is cabin assy, we put into cabin to save sapace.

Things you Need to Know Before Booking Parts

Need Color or not?

Some exterior parts have color, like front cover, fender, decoration panel, please check if you need color or not, since painting is chargeable.

Is it neccessory to buy the Genuine cabin parts?

For the headlight, bumper, front cover, side mirror, the GOOD COPY quality parts is good enough. But for the cross beam of cabin, the wireness, we suggest to buy Genuine quality.

How is the quality of our cabin assy?

The cabin metal sheet thickness is 0.8mm, 1mm thickness, sames as the Genuine quality. and the painting is electrophoretic paint, don’t worry about the rust after long time raining, and the coress beam we used are Genuine quality. quality guaranteed.

How long it will take to produce a cabin?

For left hand drive cabin, normally take 7-10 days, but for right hand drive, it will take 25-30 days to produce.

How many units cabin can load into 1x40HQ

1x40HQ can load 4 untis cabin assy, but there will be many space inside cabin, under cabin and on top of cabin, so it’s better to prepare more parts to utilize these space. 1x20feet container can load 2 units flat cabin, like HOWO 76, FAW flat roof j5p.

What parts does the cabin assy include?

The cabin assy include all parts interior, valves, dashboard, drive seat, sleepers, everything, include the steering column assy, include the gear lever brakcet, don’t include the bumper, headlight, air intake pipe, gear lever cabin

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