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Sinotruk produce HR9 disc brake, HF9 drum brake and VGD95 front axle for heavy duty truck, and HC16, AC16 are casting heavy duty rear axle, ST16 Rear Axle, MCY13Q  is welding axle for light duty truck. HC16 and AC16 is wheel reduction axle, ST16 and MCY13Q is single reduction axle. 

FAW truck mainly assemble A1H front axle and 457, 485 single reduction axle for high speed transportation, and LB300 axle for dump truck. the wheel differential, axle differential are hot sale products.

Shacman F3000, H3000 now mainly assemble Hande Axle, front 7.5ton, rear 13 ton, 16 ton, Hande axle factory have two production line, Styer and MAN, based on the Styer technology and Man technology. 

We cooperate with the these axle facotory tightly, can cover all vulnerable spare parts.

How To Confirm Axle Spare Parts

1. By axle nameplate

Each axle have nameplate, front and rear, steering and driving, you will find the model number, type number, loading capacity and the factory manufacturer. This nameplate can make us check the parts corrrectly, so advising the axle namepalte is the most reliable way. So take photo of the axle nameplate and make record.

2. By chassis number

VIN/Chassis number is the basic information we rely on, we use the chassis number to extract all truck data, axle parts number and manufacturer, then proceed detail axle parts and parts number accordingly. If there is no nameplat, no chassis number, how we to do? The 3rd way, advise the photo.

3. By parts photo

Some times it’s now accurate to judge a parts by description from client, like “I need a diff”, this is unclear, since there are wheel diff for middle axle, diff for middle/rear axle, and diff for rear axle. they are different and can’t commonly using. So, confirmed by photo will be 100% accurate.

The Brand Axle Spare Parts We Are Good At

Sinotruk Axle

Hande Axle for Shacman

PSQ Axle for FAW

QingTe Axle

FUWA axle for trailer

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