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As an expert supplier, we offering high quality spare parts solutions to enhance your business.

19 Years Experience, Good Reputation

We are in spare parts business for 19 years, no need to worry about our company reputation.

4000+ Parts Database, No Mistake

Our parts database almost cover all Sinotruk engine spare pars model, all parts we supplied are correct.

10+ Team Member, Delivery Fast

We have 10+ team member to service the order, keep to order running well, delivery fast.

  1. WD615.47,  371hp
  2. D12.42, 420HP
  3. And More
  1. WP10.380E32, 380HP
  2. WD615.50, 290HP
  3. And More
  1. CA6DM2-42, 420HP
  2. CA6DL2-35, 350HP
  3. And More
  1. ISM11E5, 385HP
  2. ISME 420 30, 420HP
  3. And More
  1. F2CE0681B*B052(C9 380)
  2. F2CE0681C*B052(C9 340)
  3. And More

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Piston |  Cylinder Liner | Piston Rings | Piston Pin | Piston Circles

Oil Filter | Fuel Filter | Water Fuel Separator | Air Filter

Connect Rod Bearing | Main Bearing | Camshaft Shaft Bushing | Thrust Bearing

Fuel Pump | Fuel Injector | Fuel Injection Pump Repair Kit | Fuel Injector Nozzle

Water Pump | Thermastat | Expansion Tank

Oil Pump | Oil Sump | Oil Strainer | Oil Lubricate Pipe

Starter | Alternator | Flywheel Rings | Flywheel Housing | Flywheel

WD615.47 | WD615.50 | WP10.380E32 | WD12.400E201 

Why Choose Us?

1. Accurate

We check each engine parts by nameplate, and send photo to customer before shipping. parts number correspond with parts photo.

2. Reliable

All the facotry within our supply chain provide good quality products, because the spare parts quality has been tested by China domestic market. 

3. 4000+ Parts Datebase

Based on the passed 19 year order, we accumulate 4000+ parts database, the parts photo, price, parts No., application. we can check parts fast and accurately.

4. Good communication

We are good at listening customer’s requirement. Our client can understand each parts clearly. They feel happy with the way we are working.


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